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Career Highlights

General Manager of Bud Weiser Motors, in Beloit, WI from 1997 until 2005

Founded Badertscher Commercial Real Estate in 2012 after five years of success in Commercial Property Sales.

BarryPic-150x150Barry Badertscher has been involved in the sales industry for 27 years. The majority of that time was spent in the automotive business. During his time in sales, he consistently increased his sales every year by making customer satisfaction his main focus. Badertscher’s “customer first” attitude helped him become number four in sales in the Moline region by 1996.

It was during this time that Badertscher was being recognized by other dealerships in the area. In 1997 he was approached by Bud Weiser Motors in Beloit. In May of 1997 he joined Bud Weiser as their General Sales Manager and later became General Manager. His first goal was to implement a customer first focus. His attitude then and since has been “Problems are our opportunity to separate ourselves from the competition, when we solve a problem instead of walking away from it.” By consistently putting the customer first, Bud Weiser had seven straight years of market growth. During this time he had his first experience in commercial real estate, when he helped move the Nissan franchise to neighboring Janesville, Wisconsin. He continued to run the dealership until 2005 when it was time for a new challenge.

One of the strategies used by Badertscher during his time in the automotive business was to approach the head of local businesses. This helped him build a network in the Rock County area second to none. It was this network that convinced him to look at the commercial real estate field.

In 2007, Badertscher joined Coldwell Banker Commercial in Janesville Wisconsin.  Despite a challenged economy and Janesville losing their biggest employer, General Motors, Badertscher succeeded in a more than tough market. Under the tutelage of Terry McGuire at CBC he was able to gain an understanding of the business. Recently Barry was approached by Jim Imhoff CEO of First Weber. Jim has given Barry the opportunity to continue in the commercial real estate and also use his ability and contacts to help in the residential market. Because of the mentorship provided by Terry McGuire and Jim Imhoff, Barry felt he was ready to start his own firm in late 2012. As a testament to the high quality service Barry has always provided, he retained 100% of his clients when he started the firm. Although the firm is new, the attitude is not: old fashioned service combined with today’s technology. Badertscher Real Estate is committed to working harder and longer than any other firm in the area.

Badertscher also has been a community leader during most of his life: local school boards, coaching, Rotary Club Boards, numerous committees at his country club and the United Way. In 2006 he was asked to lead the campaign for the United Way of Northern Rock County. It was during this time he was also asked to join the United Way Board. During this he became aware of high school students in the area unsuccessfully looking for volunteer opportunities. This inspired him to create the Live United Club. A group of high school students paired with the United Way involved in numerous volunteer projects in the area.